alongside our clinical icobrain portfolio, our expertise includes the following capabilities for clinical trials and research studies


Traumatic brain injury

Quantification of mass effects (midline shift, mass lesion volumetry)


Quantification and prediction of core and penumbra


Quantification of whole brain volume



Quantification of focal cortical dysplasia and mesial temporal sclerosis

multiple sclerosis

Quantification of atrophy and lesions in brain and spinal cord

Brain tumors

Volumetric quantification of brain tumors


Quantification of brain atrophy and different cortical subregions

Traumatic brain injury

Quantification of brain atrophy and traumatic axonal injuries

Brain development

Quantification of anatomical structures (cortical and subcortical)

Advanced MRI

Brain diffusion

Diffusion imaging reveals the brain's micro-structure

Brain perfusion

Arterial spin labeling (ASL), dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC), dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE) allow quantification of the cerebral blood flow

Brain function

Functional MRI assesses brain activity during tasks (task-related fMRI) and rest (resting state fMRI)

Brain myelination

Magnetization transfer imaging (MTR) and myelin water imaging provide insights in demyelination processes

Brain metabolites

MR Spectroscopy (MRS) provides a ‘virtual biopsy’ by measuring the concentrations of chemicals in the brain.

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